Logo Design

Logo Design

Branding is all around us. The foods that we eat, the clothes we wear, and the places we buy it all. Each has its own logo and that logo immediately identifies the brand to us. When you think of brands like MTN, Coca-Cola, Jumia, Globacom and Shoprite, you can probably clearly see the logo in your mind. That logo becomes part of the brand’s overall image.

As a business owner, you want to create that same sense of identity for your own brand. When customers see an image and your name in a particular font, they should not only think of your products or services, but they should also get a sense of what your business is about. Are you a fun, family-friendly retailer or a more serious, professional services company? It all starts with choosing the right logo, and we’re here to help.

Know who you are

How do i know who i am?

Before you can communicate to the world who you are, you need to first understand it yourself. It’s very possible to open a business without ever defining what your brand image will be. That can be a big, big mistake. Successful brands pay close attention to market demand and create a product or service that meets it. They also take the time to think through what their mission is and how they’ll further that mission with what they do every day.

Research your options

You’ll also need to put time into choosing the right colors, contrast for those colors, font style, and font size for your brand. This is very specific, but color psychology can play a strong role. For example, red communicates power and passion, while purple communicates luxury and royalty. Play with various color combinations until you find the one that fits your brand voice.

Now you need to choose a designer

A professional designer can make a big difference in your logo’s effectiveness. Even if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, consider the fact that you can take one logo and incorporate it into all the collateral you design yourself. Designers train for years to gain the technical skills necessary to build effective logos, so trusting them with the design can give you a great piece of branding that you can apply to everything you do moving forward.

Test your logo options

Before you choose a logo, you should also try each of them out in a variety of formats. Test each of them on your website and see which one is most eye-catching in that context. Scale them down to see if they’ll still get the message across when used on letterheads or business cards. Once you’ve chosen a logo, you should continue to revisit the design occasionally to make minor updates. This will keep your business from appearing outdated as competitors evolve or enter your market.

Your business’ logo is important, but you’ll find plenty of help online when you need it. A professional will design a logo you’ll use for years, freeing you up to focus your energy on the many other tasks that come with growing a successful business.